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How to choose Best Web Hosting Service for your Blog/Website?

It is rightly said “Well beginning is half done”, Once you choose best hosting services for your business, you are half way through towards your success.
Here, at STA, we will guide you how to choose the best web hosting service for your website and will also walk you through our checklist to ensure that you choose the right web hosting service provider.
So what are the factors which you need to consider while choosing a web host? Let’s begin!!

1. Get the know the type of hosting you may require to host your website

It’s a good practice to understand the type of hosting which you need for your business website. If you can answer some basic questions, then you can come up with some choice.
• What’s your website requirement?
• Does your website need any application?
• Does your website need any special software?
• Your website traffic?
• How many resources may your website need?
• Scale of your website?
If you want require small to medium scale website, then you may eliminate the need of VPS host.
If you require a large scale website large for ecommerce function, then a VPS or dedicated server may be needed to handle large volume of traffic.
Finally it all depends on your choice since each choice has its own costs and features.

2. Try to do some research on the type of Site you want to build

You can research on the type of site and website traffic which you may expect for your site, amount of traffic and its affect on server load, features of your website and type of hosting plan. There are various hosting service plans which can host ecommerce sites, blogging site, and many more.

3. Understand server types.

Shared servers provide hosting with minimal costs, where one box run many websites. Your site performance is dependent on the load of all the other sites which are handled by the host. Shared hosting also limits your access to the server’s capabilities, reducing your limit to upload files via FTP or SFTP, preventing shell access, restricting your type of programs which you can run on the service and limiting you with the amount of access to database.
Next upgrade to serve type is VPS (virtual private server), which is a full instance of a virtual machine (a simulated computer) running on a box. Usually, hosting providers prefer to run many VPS instances on single box, but performance is always better than base-level shared services. If you go for a VPS, you should be clear with server maintenance and management specifications.
Then comes a dedicated server, this can be preferred if you don’t want to share performance with other sites. It is a physical box which is rented to you which is like having a server in your office. This is preferred by experts with system management skill set.
As part of technology revolution, Usage of Cloud servers is gaining dominance. Cloud services are offered by technology giants, like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Service providers can meet the requirements of customers. Major advantage of cloud servers lies in its seamless scalability.

4. Be aware of Web Hosting Pricing and services which you get

Generally customers go for lower pricing services due to their budget limit but this may affect your business performance. Please don’t fall for this trap and sacrifice your website performance.
You need to allocate your capital for services like domain name registration, and themes or plug-ins which you may need for your website.

5. Make sure you get backup of your site

There are 100% chances for your computers to crash, equipment’s to fail, and hackers to attack, which may affect your site a lot. So, as part of prevention, ensure that your web host takes backups of your site in regular basis. Your web hosting provider should be able to restore your site with in short time.
Key questions to notice while selecting your web hosting service provider!!
1) What is the duration with which your hosting provider takes backup of your site?
2) Are you having any team who can take auto backup of your site by creating any program, batch files or jobs?
3) Is there any way to restore your backup files by yourself easily ?