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Passionate Digital Agency


We are a skilled team of technology lovers who can transform your ideas into significantly better services.

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We are focused on developing your business which can satisfy the needs of today’s digital consumer.

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We work as an integral part of your business to develop strategies and provide the best solution to grow your company.

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Transforming your aspirational ideas into our innovative creations.!

STA (Social Talent Agency) is a team of digital age work force who doesn’t believe in the concept of hierarchy, and functions by virtue of young talents with expertise in various fields. Our team is focused and constantly striving to innovate, in a challenging and conducive work environment.Our greatest reward is customer satisfaction, which we hope to achieve by consistently delivering results and maximizing outputs.

Our Services

We design customized solutions for Business Organizations across the Globe.

Web Design

We create interactive and effective Web Design Services using unique artwork for better user experience.

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Digital Marketing

We work with business partners to optimize their performance and emerge as global leaders.

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Brand Identity

We craft quality and distinctive Graphic Design services that suit your business needs.

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Social Presence

We develop professional and quality web applications for your business to grow world wide

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We convert your business message into simple , eye grabbing and creative moving content .

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We help you enable simple and robust cloud based solutions to Slash Your Operating Costs & catalyze your business.

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Go Mobile

We provide enriched and distinctive Custom App Development Services for your eccentric App idea.

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Mobile Marketing

We make smooth and effective storyboards for your business.

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Data Analytics

We uncover effective ways to improve the performance of your business by providing excellent visualizations and insights.

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Our Work Process









Why Choose US?

We strive to deliver results in your business – with effective collaboration among cross functional teams who deliver excellent solutions. Following an Agile methodology in our Approach, we make sure you get the optimal solutions within your budget.

Team Work

Smart work, dedication, collaboration, passion and perseverance – best practices which we follow .

Time Management

We deliver results before specified timelines because we watch every minute ticking.

Unique Strategies

We design and deliver a solution by leveraging cutting edge technologies to stand unique from others.

Business Goals

We intend to work hard and deliver the best by believing in ourselves and strengthening our presence in the global market.

Result Oriented

We believe in delivering only the best client-centric solutions. With our commitment and passion ,We have earned a fine record of accomplishment amongst our clients.


Our mission has been and will always be — deliver the best by utilizing the unrivalled skills.

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